Driving lifetime profits with ActiveCampaign funnels

We develop marketing funnels that utilise your Customer Lifetime Value using ActiveCampaign, Facebook advertising, Google advertising and Messenger chatbots.


Here’s a killer marketing funnel we developed for a property investment business. lt takes their customers from Start to Close in a few days or a few weeks. From the first time they view your video on Facebook to money in the bank.

And each step can be measured and mapped out: Advertising, Opt-In, Application Process, and Sales Process. Why not use our expertise and experience across digital advertising platforms, ActiveCampaign and chatbots to build your profitable funnel?

Why use Active Campaign funnels as part of your marketing engine?

ActiveCampaign is the ONLY marketing automation suite that gives you to tools you need to build killer marketing funnels

Facebook Adverts

Integrated Facebook lists. ActiveCampaign easily allows you to build Facebook campaigns based on audience that "look-like" your existing paying customers!

Web Events

Track existing leads through your website, even if they don't come from email. And trigger sales calls and/or email campaigns based on onsite behaviours.

Data Integrations

If you are using Shopify or other eCommerce platforms, you can do a deep dive into your customers to create segmented lists.

Email an upsell to all customers who haven’t purchased in the last 2 months. Zap! It’s done.