Lights, Camera, Action: Discover the new tactics needed get video content converting on social media

If the cinema is considered the big screen and television is considered the small screen then, social media is considered the ‘micro screen?’ Micro screen advertising is consumed completely different. Therefore if you’re following traditional advertising strategies, they’re not gonna work. Understanding how the ‘micro screen’ works is critical in modern advertising because over 80% of […]

How to optimise your videos for conversion on social media [Podcast]

In this Podcast Rich and Juliet discuss ways of getting video ads on social media higher conversion rates. Watch on to discover: The often overlooked engagement marketing strategy that gets leads hooked in 3 seconds. (Critical for remarketing campaigns) Ways to optimise your video advertising for Facebook. Key tactics to make content effective for the […]

Stop the scroll: What is your image designer missing?

Designing images for social media ads Being in multiple lockdowns this year (sigh) has given us time to think about our design processes and how we have refined our playbook over so many years of trial and error. Specifically, I’ve been breaking down our graphic design process on how we formulate our image based ads […]